​Becoming a Certified Securities Dealer

Who can become a certified securities dealer?
Working as a securities dealer requires certification. The Danish Securities Dealers Association’s Certification applies to its members and includes their new employees engaged in the field of corporate bonds and equity in the wholesale market and employed as
  • Sales
  • Sales traders
  • Traders
  • Analysts
The definition of new employees is staff employed later than 1 January 2005, who have not previously been employed in work functions requiring certification.
Content of Certification Course
  • The Danish Securities Trading Act including other relevant parts of the EU legislation such as:
  • Market Abuse
  • Market Places and the regulation of these
  • Investor Protection
  • Investment Analysis
  • Money Laundering
  • Good Business Practice and Risk Labeling
  • The Danish Securities Dealers Associations’ recommendations to counter investment bank conflicts of interest
Certification Course
The Danish Securities Dealers Associations’ Certification Course has been designed in collaboration between lawyer and partner; David Moalem from the law firm; Bech-Bruun and the compliance committee of the Danish Securities Dealers Association. Tuition and examination is conducted by David Moalem.
The duration of the certification course is one day and participation is optional. In advance of the course the students will receive the study material covering the main topics mentioned above. Please note that the tuition and study material is in Danish only. The participating students are obliged to have read the study material as a preparation for the course at where the students will be prepared to pass the exam and to attain certification as a securities dealer. The tuition will be in the form of elaborating parts of the study material and involving relevant cases. The written examination can be taken in English. See the information below. 
1. Course participation including study material:     DKK   5,250
2. Study material (independent study):                DKK   2,100
3. Examination/certification (Danish):                   DKK   2,100
4. Examination/certification (English)                    DKK 12,600 *) 
Finanssektorens Uddannelsescenter
Tine Hansen
Skovsvinget 10
8660 Skanderborg
Subject Leader
Merete Hjetting
Telephone: +45 3370 1070
*) If more than one person is signed up for examination in English within the same semester it is possible to get a price reduction according to the price model below:
1 person     DKK 12,600
2 persons (price per person)    DKK  7,350
3 persons (price per person)    DKK  5,600
4 persons (price per person)    DKK  4,725
5 persons (price per person)    DKK  4.200
Please observe that to obtain the price reduction the examination must be taken within the same semester. The reason for this is that new questions are made every semester and these questions require translation.
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